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Submitted on
August 12, 2011


Hello my dearest members!
First thank you to all new people that  have joined  this group , and for the support with your lovely art ! Fantastic, drawings, and paintings are falling down to galleries and for that I am gratefull. But there is one thing that botheres me. And its because that thing I have resigned from  automatic approval of art. Lately I have noticed that there are many wonderfull works coming in to the group, but they have no percise conection the the main meaning . Yeas they are beautifull paintings and drawings of people, but they have no connections to folklore and ethnic. Especially if its about  images of celebrities . My dearest friends, please remember that cause its verry , verry important for me, and this group. It was created   for unknown people, usual people that are the hart of each country, each region, showing the folklore and ethnic and culture traditions, eaven if its about old and ancient cultures. Please consider that , otherwhise the group will not except art not  connected to it's main topic. :(
Thank you for your attention !
Take care ! And stay creatve !:iconcheerplz:
Earleywine Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Good job :) I love the theme of this group, and you do need to uphold it and keep it true
Marcysiabush Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you I will !:woohoo: :hug:
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